Both a process and an action, it’s an acknowledgement of hurt & pain. It is the slow & steady progression to move away from old behaviors and patterns that do not serve us anymore, rule or dictate who we are. It honors a healing journey of, and, each individual’s pace in a space properly cultivated for women of color. Our spirit and time together is naturally healing.


A deliberate time to rest, recuperate, and rebuild energy to keep doing the good work. It is tied to healing and must be considered a continuous practice.

Personal and Cultural Truths

My Full Self in Leadership

The way in which I lead and the way I appear is just and right. After giving myself time to heal, I do not need to conform to white supremacy culture. I am allowed to shop up as I fully am, for my lived experiences inform my leadership.

Lived & Shaped Experiences

What I have lived through to make me who I am, what has shaped my values, thoughts and actions.
Cultivate acknowledges the experiences of women of color, which are often not valued/devalued, as important components of their leadership styles.


What flows innately out of each of us, to contribute to a project, action, and/or collective work.

Innate, Indigenous, Homegrown

Insight and expertise informed by our ancestral beliefs, practices, lessons, knowledge and core values. Reclaimed.
We reject automatically accepted notions of what is a leader rooted in colonial/patriarchal ideology.


Experiences with and immersion in Cultivate is for the growth of women of color and their leadership, in order to lift others.

Community and Trust

Shared Experiences

What I share with others in support of how I show up. My experiences connect me to others. Shared experiences transcend identity(ies) and awaken me to our common humanity and our interconnection with one another.

Brave Space

Dialogue to build trust with another; listen to each other’s truths with no judgement; recognize that nine months may not be enough, even among WOC, to feel safe or have trust with one another. Rooted in respect, trust and conscientiousness.

For Us By Us

Cultivate is designed for women of color with support of, and co-creation with them.

Community Building

Includes building bridges to find common ground with people who may not share the same perspectives or don’t have similar experiences; finding common ground to connect and define mutual set of values.

Accountability/ Transparency (Funders)

For funders to stand in partnership with women of color leaders; learn from this journey/process to take back to their respective foundations. Cultivate 2.0 commits to shifting the needle of philanthropy; build practices that honor the truths of WOC , their leadership and growth


Done in collaboration with others in a respectful manner and honors all that people bring. Discard what doesn’t work for the collective, and keep overall goals and values in mind.

Friendship, Trust, Respect and Conscientiousness

Includes unpacking indifference in order to connect with others. These are essential to building community and take time to nurture.